Business and Industry

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE ASSOCIATES specializes in providing prevention and intervention services in the field of WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS for business and industry.  ERA develops and manages corporate Employee Assistance Programs and more.

Our model begins with a PROBLEM SOLVING needs assessment to identify the core problem and develop a strategy for an effective long term solution that takes into consideration the corporate culture of the organization.  Plans can include elements of training, coaching and consultation.

COACHING for CEO’s, senior executives, department heads, line supervisors, foremen, managers and human resource managers to develop competencies and skills that may be required to assist in the performance of duties.

TRAINING in areas such as Effective Supervision, Communications, Harassment and Discrimination, Stress Management, Working with Difficult People, Dealing with Change, Team Building, Win-Win Negotiations and/or Drugs in the Workplace and Violence in the Workplace.

MEDIATION designed to facilitate the development of agreements that empower employees to arrive at mutual understandings that resolve workplace conflict.

COUNSELING based on an assessment of the employee’s presenting problem, that may include referrals for specific long term issues, or short term educational sessions, designed to empower the individual to resolve any issues that might impinge the employee’s ability to focus on job responsibilities. Counseling programs may include the employee or any other family member that may be impacted by the presenting problem. Family member will be defined as loosely as possible.

ERA is committed to working with any individual that may be causing stress for an employee that could impact job performance.